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china industry news: bio-fermentation industry joins hands to improve innovation of amino acids industry

on october 14, the china fermentation industry association, meihua group and tianjin university of science and technology "2011 international union of amino acid industry innovation and development summit forum" stronger amino acid industry in china carried out in-depth discussions. meanwhile, china fermentation industry association including leading enterprises such as meihua biological technology group company limited, established the alliance of amino acid industry strategy of technological innovation to promote the industrialization of technological progress and the level of amino acid industry in china increased.

in 2010, china's industrial output of more than 3 million tons of amino acids, which bulk amino acid glutamic acid and its salts 70% per cent of total world output, ranking first in the world; and salt more than 700,000 tons of lysine, producer of the world. current above-scale manufacturer of amino acid industry in china has reached nearly. forum, the production status and development trend of amino acid industry in china, from tsinghua university and other units of many experts and scholars have published opinions, meihua biological technology group and angel yeast company limited as a company representative, research experience and achievements of individual amino acids are introduced. china biological fermentation industry association, chairman of shi weichen said, this times forum through on both at home and abroad amino acids industry strategy development concept, and frontier technology problem of discussion, prospect amino acids industry development trend, for both at home and abroad peer built technology upgrade, and innovation development and communication of platform, promoted china amino acids industry and international standards, promote enterprise participation international competition and cooperation, promote china amino acids industry in new situation xia of technology progress and innovation development, for china amino acids industry of green advanced manufacturing, good basis for innovative development.

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