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china industry news: meihua biology released several new kinds of xanthan gum product in international industry exhibitions

on march 23, 2016, in the 20th annual china international exhibition on food additives and ingredients (fic2016) held in shanghai, meihua, the world's leading food additive manufacturers, highlyreleasedthetransparent xanthan gum, xanthan gum liquid, special high temperature resistant xanthan gum and other products, these products widely aroused the concern of the’s known that through the technology innovation of meihua group, these products successfully passed the product test in the last year.currently, with stable production technology, excellent quality, production cost less than international same product, these products were firstly appeared in the fic shanghai, and accepted the appreciation and order from all over the world, received acceptance of many customers, become the new star in the meihua stands, and broke the foreign market monopoly.

xanthan gum is with huge consumption in in oil, food industries and the productshave various categories, especially the liquid of xanthan gum, transparent xanthan gum; existing related products has come into the market. liquid xanthan gum is newly developed in recent years, is a new type of drilling fluid rheological regulator, and has been used in drilling fluid in foreign countries. the this abroad new type of application of xanthan gum products method is very secret. the new application is almost blank domestically. the rheological properties of transparent xanthan gum in oilfield development has obvious technology advantages than ordinary xanthan gum, and its application advantages in food industry are stronger than the ordinary products.

at present, the domestic large scale xanthan gum manufacturer hasnearly 5, 2015, total output of xanthan gum reached 150000 tons/year, but there was a sharp drop in demand of oil industry simultaneously, market competition of homogeneity product caused the prices fell sharply, the product had slid into loss. facing with such fierce market competition, the meihua biology are still seeing the market opportunity and their own potential, chose to face the challenge, established xanthan gum department at the end of 2015,emphasized the support function of production technology innovation tothe market, so as to cope with the market changes. the departmenthas run for months, andrapidly achievedthe docking of production technology and market, grasped the different market positioning of all kinds of products, reduced the cost from strains transformation to the optimization of production process, from market demand to product category, replacement of raw materials, improvement of standardized production management, and  increased product competitiveness through quality management; according to the characteristics of the customer’s product standards, built customer files, provided quality and product application support in one-on-one, and has reached zero complaint in the product quality within half year; through research for new products, new technology, research and develop high-end products, expand the high-end application space of xanthan gum.

as we known, over the past decade, xanthan gum industryhas been in a state of high margin with oil prices rising, however, for production technical level, there is no technological progress more than a decade, but over recent years, upside down changes have taken place in technology progress of the oil industry,and also push the price of oil falling sharply at the same time. today with rapid development of biological fermentation technology, individual companies will remain mind closed state and never try to update. meihua has seen thechance and exerts its deep accumulation in the field of biological fermentation technology and continuous r&d advantages, perform innovation, uses a variety of advanced high-end biotechnology to perform a transformation for the old series of products and has insisted 3 years, and achieved great outcome.our technical level of production now is at a leading international level. according to the author’s research and analysis for the recent statements of listed companies, although meihua biologyhas large investment in advanced production facilities, depreciation higher than twice of other companies in the same industry, but the total cost of its production is still 15%less than the others. as a result, meihua biology achieved abundant market competition.

in addition, compared with last year, meihua biology has great changes in sales mode of xanthan gum product. according to its own characteristics for standardized production process and one-button automated production equipment, it has reduced the cost of traditional product, increased output, realized more stable quality, and implement the one to one order depended accurate modern production and sales mode, achieved more accurate service for customers and more convenient sales. at the same time, through technology research and development,it upgrades product quality, expands the application performance of the product, overcomes the challenge that others it is difficult to be done or can’t be done, realizes the achievements in upstream technical innovation, and has also established a research and development team for downstream product application, improves the market promotion of high-end grade oil and food grade products and technical services, extends outward the one-on-one technical service; at the same time, according to customer’s demand, one-on-one develops the production technology, expands the product application scope of the market and profit space. through intensively operate every market share, any technology disadvantages in meihua xanthan gum will soon be converted into market advantages, the market model will be turn into an efficient operating management mode at the same time, and earned a position in the competition.

it’s known that according to the export data analysis of national customs, between september 2015 and february 2015, domestic xanthan gum exportsreduced 30% within half a year, while during this period, the export volume of meihua biology rose 25%, it is enough to illustrate the degree of market recognitionofmeihua xanthan gum.meihua biology has achieved an update to the industry leader.

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