in the world earth day, meihua have something to report to you ……-pg电子试玩入口

in the world earth day, meihua have something to report to you ……




dear friends,

first of all, in the days of the world earth day, let's look at the earth beneath our feet and extend greetings to it.

the earth is sure to hearit.

because we greet her with our action and achievements, rather than a huge voice or public and suspicious slogan.

same with other companions who adhere to the effort to protect the earth, in the world earth day, we are very proud and feel a great responsibility, and we know that we have a long way to go.

today our theme is that: green earth, meihua is proceeding.

here is first mentioned when it comes to the meihua in the business, "four types of enterprises" the goal, the "two types": environmental protection and resource saving type are all closely related with green earth.

in environmental protection, meihua, so far, has invested totaled 1.5 billion yuan in environmental not domestic performed original creation, but also applied international high-technologies. meihua input great investment in these measures, and has accomplished meihua people’s unique overcomeof today's environmental protection work in the industry.

without waste of words, weshow you some data:

coal saving: increasing one time of thermal efficiency; saving millions tons of coal

since we apply high-efficiency cogeneration equipment, the total factory integrated thermal of power generation system efficiency is close to 80%, which is twice as much as 40% which is the average value of the national power plants, thermal efficiency can save standard coal 1 million tons per year.

(thermal power plant, waste heat recovery increase one time of thermal efficiency.)

recycled water reuse: the saved water can supply living water for 20000 people!

meihua group has invested heavily to build two set of double membrane water-recovery equipment, recycling water 4.3 million tons every year, saving a large amount of water. according to each year every person consumes 200 water, it is enough to supply 21500 people a year.



(water reuse, water conservation champion) (treatment before, after)

biogas: wastewater treatment and recovery of biogas, which is great for green earth

our company has introduced the advanced holland ic anaerobic reactor to perform sewage depth processing which recycle 1.45 million cubic meters of marsh gas a year, equivalent to 10000 tons of standard coal.



(world top ic anaerobic reactor, the side is for processing water, the other side is for producing biogas)

mitigation: huge investment, great benefit

the company invested nearly one hundred million yuan to upgrade the exhaust gas desulphurization device, it adopted the advanced ammonia desulphurization, made the so2 emission from 200 mg/m3 to 35 mg/m3 below which is fully met the severest ultra-low emissions requirements latest enacted by the country especially for the developed eastern regions, and also recycled by-product ammonium sulfate 45000 tons/year for comprehensive utilization, and reduced 24000 tons of so2 emission.




















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