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ministry of water resources to tongliao meihua biological sci-tech co., ltd., for special inspection of water resources management


may 18th, yue zhongming, the director of the yellow river water conservancy commission of the ministry of water resources and his party visited tongliao meihua company to make a special inspection of water resources management.

yue zhongming and his party first checked the well room and carefully inquired about our company’s water resources management. and then they viewed the relevant documents and procedures for water intake. meihua made a comprehensive report on the water resources management and ideas for future water conservation to the team.

after listening to the report, the leaders of the inspection team fully affirmed the work we had done in terms of water saving. yue zhongming pointed out that water resources management, which related to overall situation, was basic, prominent and important work. he hoped that our company could strengthen the organization and leadership and make responsibilities clear to promote water-saving work. we should take more effective and solider measures to ensure a better and more effective water resources management with a more positive attitude. he demanded we should further improve the work of industrial water planning. in order to cut the cost of industrial water, we should manage to reuse more water through the traditional theory and the modern water-saving technology to solve the problem of water loss during the production process. we should actively carry out related propaganda and training work to enhance public awareness of water resources and water conservation and thus lay a solid water-saving foundation for our company.

after the special inspection, the leaders of the inspection team fully affirmed our work in terms of water saving. we are also very happy to see the improvement and achievements we have made and we believe we can do better in future. so we will continue to strictly carry out the five major development concepts "innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing". we will vigorously promote water-saving work. sustainable utilization of water resources is helpful to our enterprise’s sustainable development .

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