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coarse grain the best monosodium glutamate


high quality monosodium glutamate fermented from selected coarse food grain 

source of delicate flavor; selection from the nature

as a source of delicate flavor, monosodium glutamate is the core component of compound condiment in modern life. with the support of green science and technology, applying the selected corn as raw material, meihua is dedicated in providing with high-quality, natural condiment. 

green, technology and life

green — comes from coarse food grain. 

fermented from coarse food grain, the raw material is selected from the golden corn production area in the 45th degree of northern latitude. through layers of screening, the material is with guarantee of health. 

science and technology — inheritance and innovation of process for one hundred years. 

green technology of ultra-low temperature crystallization is world advanced and more environmentally friendly. 

life — natural seasoning, healthy life. 

meihua condiment provides you with purely delicious, natural and high-quality life. 

advocate natural seasoning, should see the component clearly when you choose a condiment. 


previously in order to pursue better taste, the components of compound condiment was more and more complex; new for our health, we recommend using the natural simplex superior coarse food grain monosodium glutamate. 


meihua superior coarse food grain monosodium glutamate can not only improve the delicate flavor of food, but also highlight the original flavor of the food material. it is applicable to mixing, frying, stewing, boiling, simmering and other various cooking methods to improve the overall delicious degree of the cooked food. 

package size:100g/200g/400g

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