on november 24, 2015, shanghai international oilfield chemicalsdevelopment and application technology exhibitionwas held in shanghai international exhibition and conference center. sioce shanghai international development and application of oilfield chemicals technology exhibition, serves more than 3500 enterprises from more than 52 countries and regions, is the most influentialinternational oil exhibition in asia. as a distinguished meeting in oil industry, oil merchants from all over the world have gathered in this exhibition and negotiated the future of the industry. mehua has taken the oil grade xanthan gum products, earned the site popularity with excellent cost-effective and leaved high level of appearance.

from 24 to 26, in these three days, the meihua xanthan gum would be doomed to play a song "friendship is everlasting and unchanging" together with the international oil leaders for their cooperation in shanghai, they show their strength, and negotiate for future. in this shanghai meeting, other than oil grade xanthan gum, meihua group also showed food grade xanthan gum as well as all models with dozens of product, which received praise from the new and old customers. at the moment, the meihua exhibition reception group and international merchants gather together shanghai, plan for the future. in the meihua booth, a giant word of "shop around, locking the meihua" impressively into the eye, this is the meihua issued a sincere invitation and commitment to the outside world.

recently, with reducing of international oil prices, meihua group insisted on the attitude that surrendered part of the profits to the customers, overcome difficulty together with our customers, gave customers a stable supply, stable quality, and high quality technical servicewith the greatest extent to meet customer demand. in front of the stand, customers from domestic companies and asian and latin american were subdued by meihua’s responsible attitude and mature enterprise concept, actively signedcontact and built cooperation.
shop around, and lock meihua. meihua welcomes you.







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